Who We Are & What We Do

Founded in 1967, The Tennessee Cable Telecommunications Association (TCTA) began as the trade association for the cable telecommunications industry in Tennessee, providing government relations and public relations support for the cable industry.

Today, ysb288易胜博 is a partner in the advanced communications industry committed to meeting the needs of each Tennessean – student, family, worker, business-owner, entertainment consumer.

ysb288易胜博 works with local, state and federal leaders and agencies to fully comply with standards and statutes to protect our customers while providing the best service to meet your needs.

Cable operators and cable programmers, as well as equipment suppliers and providers of other products to the cable industry are ysb288易胜博 members devoted to our customers and neighbors as we monitor ever-changing laws and regulations.

While representing the interests of our cable and telecommunications providers, ysb288易胜博 leads in identifying our customers’ needs and providing value through our digital communications services and operations.